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Professional dubbing into Spanish

EN ESPAÑOL MEDIA           Spanish  Translations  Dubbing & Proofreading

En Español Media provides the professional Spanish translations, proofreading and dubbing services you need in order to reach effectively the ever growing Hispanic market.

We are a highly specialized company dedicated to adapting English language media into accurate Spanish language productions.

The following are some of the many translation services we offer:

Spanish Translation Services
  • Books
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Promotional materials
  • Business Letters
  • Websites
  • Entire Advertising Campaigns
  • Proofreading Printed materials
  Spanish Dubbing & Translation Services
  • Video programs
  • Audio Books
  • Documentaries
  • Read-Along
  • Audio Productions
  • Software
  • Educational Videos
  • Proofreading audio & video
We guarantee culturally accurate and appropriate English to Spanish , Spanish to English translations, subtitling and dubbing.

We ensure precise dialects, colloquialisms, idioms, cultural references, and humor.

Our excellent responsiveness and affordable prices allow us to provide quality Spanish language materials to our customers, whether it is a brief business letter, or a full featured film.

“En Español Media’s excellent responsiveness and affordable prices allow us to provide quality Spanish-language materials to our customers.

We are especially impressed with the quality of its Spanish dubbing, including the acting and timing… how do they get the longer Spanish to fit into the shorter English lengths so smoothly?

Our customers love our new Spanish-dubbed products, and we love En Español Media”

Rachel Metzger
Product Development Manager
Active Parenting Publishers